Meilleurs voeux

1,000 cubic metres of excavated soil for an Earthworks workshop run by the ENSP

20 August 2020

Simon Boudvin, an artist and a professor at the ENSP national landscaping school, has led the first EARTHWORKS workshop in partnership with ECT. The goal of the workshop? To create an artwork in 4 days using 1,000m3 of soil.

For this workshop, with thirty-odd students from the ENSP or École de Paysage de Versailles, ECT made available: A site, inert soil, a bulldozer, and its operator.

The challenges? There were several:

  • To examine the conceptual roots of Land Art
  • To understand a landscape that has been reconstructed with inert soil
  • To create an object on the scale of the wider landscape

The challenge was taken up successfully! A new landscape appeared!

Photo credit Simon Boudvin / ENSP