A virtuous circle: The re-use of inert soil, a report by France Télévision

20 August 2020

A report by France TV on “The Eyes of The Sky” was an opportunity for Laurent Mogno, chairman of ECT, to illustrate the virtuous circle of the re-use of inert soils. These soils are making it possible to create new cultural and leisure sites in the Île-de-France region . “The Eyes of the Sky” is a monumental work of Land Art that Antoine Grumbach is creating on the ECT site at Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin

Antoine Grumbach’s project: Two immense eyes, each 400 yards long. He is creating this work in the commune of Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin (77), a few miles from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. Passengers taking off or landing will be able to look at “The Eyes of the Sky”, which will look back.

“3 rows of trees outline the eyes, with nearly 1,200 trees in all. Add to that 12,000 square metres of planted mound around them. At the centre of one eye will be a hedge maze the public can walk around”. The place will also host exhibitions, sports competitions, “and even a skating rink in winter”, says Antoine Grumbach.

The end result is still a little hard to visualise, because today it’s an immense site with 700 trucks arriving every day to dump their tons of earth from a number of construction & public works sector sites in the Île-de-France, including underground railway construction for the famous Grand Paris Express.

See the report on Antoine Grumbach’s famous Eyes of the Sky: https://bit.ly/2V866iT