Along with Akuo Energy, ECT promotes solar power in the Île-de-France region

20 August 2020

With ACT-E, their co-owned subsidiary, ECT and  Akuo Energy, an independent producer of renewable energy, are keen to duplicate the project at Annet-sur-Marne (77).

At Annet, they’re creating a solar power plant with 17 MW of panels. These will supply enough power for 3,700 homes (excluding heating).

The slope of the terrain, and shaping by ECT for optimum insolation (exposure to sunshine), combine to maximise the plant’s output. There is also the question of creating the best landscaping solution.

« UWe have identified a dozen sites that would be suitable for installations of 10 to 20 MW”, says the chairman of ECT, Laurent Mogno.

The shared objective of the two businesses is to produce about 100 MW of solar power in the region.

“The electricity produced can be sold to EDF and injected into the grid. That’s what will be done for the plant at Annet, which was the winner of a CRE public tender process”, says Eric Scotto. Eric Scotto is the chairman and co-founder of Akuo Energy ;

“Electricity can also be sold direct to businesses within a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Or used to produce hydrogen as a “Last Mile” solution.