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“Antoine Grumbach opens the eyes of Greater Paris”, an article by Laurent Miguet in Paysage Actualités

20 August 2020

An article by Laurent Miguet dated 25/01/2019

[The planting of the first eyelash of the land art work “The Eyes of the Sky” saw representatives of local authorities gathered around the architect, Antoine Grumbach, and ECT, corporate sponsor, on 25 January on the site of the largest hill of inert soil in Europe, at Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin in the département of Seine-et-Marne. A recreational and cultural venue for the residents of the conurbation of Roissy, the Eyes will also welcome the 70 million travellers who, every year, arrive at or leave Paris through the neighbouring airport.

With a wide-brimmed hat above a large plum-coloured coat, the silhouette of Antoine Grumbach stood out against the fog and snow of a wet early morning, like that of a benevolent genie. Behind him, at the edge of an invisible hole 100 feet deep, the Prefect of the département of Seine-et-Marne and local elected representatives, guests of the company ECT, added an unusual dose of republican pomp to the largest centre for disposal of inert waste in France or Europe, covering 320 acres and receiving nearly 2 million tons per annum.]

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