Meeting the mayors of the Île-de-France region

19 November 2021

For many years UMYs, or ‘Universités des Mairies d’Yvelines’ (conference days organised by the municipalities of the département of Yvelines), have featured in the calendars of the elected representatives of the Île-de-France region. In 2020, the calendar was thrown off by Covid-19.

ECT’s teams were glad, this year, to be able to go again to meet representatives, communes and intermunicipal organisations.

First meeting: 24 September at Dammary-les-Lys. This was the 59th mayoral convention, organised by the association of mayors of the Seine-et-Marne département and the president of EPCI, an intermunicipal organisation.

Then, on 16 October, an UMY brought together the communities and local authorities of the Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine départements beneath the Pyramids at Port-Marly. We ran a well-received workshop on the theme “Developing the Regions by Upcycling Excavated Soil from the Construction & Public Works Sector”.

These short-format meetings encourage large audience numbers and make it possible to establish contacts of quality. They are a great occasion for presenting, face to face, our development solutions for environmental or functional purposes that increase the attraction of the regions.