Creation of a subsidiary by Akuo Energy and ECT to produce solar energy in the Île-de-France region

20 August 2020

The goal: To produce 100 MW of solar energy

Akuo Energy is the main independent producer of decentralised renewable energy. ECT develops sites by re-using soil from sites operated by the construction & public works sector. Akuo Energy and ECT have announced the creation of ACT-E, a jointly-owned subsidiary. The objective is to increase the production of photovoltaic energy in the Île-de-France region, with the goal of achieving, on the sites developed by ACT-E, a total peak output of about 100 MW.

A question of optimisation and proximity

ACT-E is working on a regional approach of proximity – offering green electricity, produced locally, to the residents of the Île-de-France. This partnership between the two companies aims to optimise the performance of photovoltaic plants by first reshaping the site on which they are installed. The provision of soil by ECT plays a key role in reshaping the land to give the photovoltaic panels better ‘insolation’ or exposure to sunshine. This type of development also makes for better landscaping of the solar park.

The first operation – at Annet-sur-Marne

The first operation by ACT-E is already at the financing stage and will soon be under construction. It’s a solar park with a peak output of 17 MW, situated at Annet-sur-Marne (77) The Annet-sur-Marne project in figures:
  • Type: Solar park with fixed structures
  • Total area: 113 acres
  • Photovoltaic surface : 45 acres
  • Peak output: 17 MW
  • Production: 18,500 MWh/year
Laurent Mogno, chairman of ECT is delighted. “We’re very happy with this partnership. It exemplifies the principle of ‘circular economy’ which is at the heart of what ECT does. Essentially, ACT-E will produce photovoltaic electricity in a way that is perfect for the needs of residents of the Île-de-France region. The electricity will be produced on sites developed with soil from the construction of the Grand Paris Express. We can also celebrate making an energy contribution in future to the running of the metro.” Eric Scotto, chairman and co-founder of Akuo Energy, finishes up: “This partnership takes on a new form today with this subsidiary shared by ECT and Akuo. It will give a second life to sites. This renewable energy project demonstrates the strength of our partnership, at the service of the Île-de-France region and its dynamic economy.”