ECT Espaces Verts: adding value and enhancing your landscaped areas

Manage and optimise your green spaces

The Espaces Verts ("green spaces") division of ECT has skills and experience in landscape design, implementation and maintenance that they put to work for the projects of their clients, who are both private businesses and local authorities.

— Design and implementation of landscaping developments

The Espaces Verts division designs and creates your new landscaped spaces. Our teams are capable of handling the creation and establishment of country parks and urban parks: Planting trees and flowers, making access routes, putting up fences and masonry, and installing infrastructure for play, educational purposes and sports.

The Espaces Verts division is also involved in the landscaping side of all the ECT Group's land-use development projects.

Entretien paysager - Parc de la Courneuve

Parc de la Courneuve © Gil Fornet

ECT Espaces Verts - Parc de la courneuve.

Landscape maintenance - ECT Espaces Verts © Gil Fornet

— Maintenance of green spaces

Our teams can maintain land which has been sown or planted, flower beds, brush cutting and mowing. Also pruning, lawn-mowing, hedge cutting and collecting fallen leaves.

More specific services are also available: Maintaining wild flower meadows, maintaining cemeteries, cleaning out ponds and shredding/chipping green waste. A wide range of plant and equipment allows the company to carry out all kinds of work and to meet the needs of communities and local authorities.

10,000 trees
planted every year

250 acres
of parks and gardens maintained every year

To preserve biodiversity, we subscribe to Objective Zero Pesticides ('Objectif zéro phyto')

Our teams attend regular training to optimise their ability to add value to the landscape of the sites that are entrusted to us, by an intelligent approach to 'adaptive management'.

We do a carbon audit for our work so as to establish the environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint.

One purpose of the French 'Energy Transition for Green Growth Act' (LTECV 2015) is to control the use of pesticides. Our commitment to this allows our clients to comply with and even exceed their obligations towards biodiversity.

A commitment to the sustainable management of green spaces is at the heart of what we do

ECT Espaces Verts : pour une gestion durable des espaces verts.

ECT Espaces Verts: For sustainable management of green spaces

ECT Espace Verts Gestion différenciée

Working in the management of green spaces in the Île-de-France region

Our teams work, in particular, in the towns of Louvres (95), Fontenay-en-Parisis (95) and Vémars (77), for the public bodies of Seine-Saint-Denis and in the départemental Parc Georges-Valbon in La Courneuve (93).

QualiPaysages Qualifications

P100 Creation of gardens and green spaces
E131 Maintenance of gardens and green spaces
E150 Mowing
E151 Mowing (application in progress)


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