ECT is honoured with ‘Solar Impulse Efficient Solution’ label

9 March 2021

ECT is a “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”

We are proud to announce that the Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded the ‘Solar Impulse Efficient Solution’ label to ECT.

ECT thus joins the club of 1000 solutions for sustainable development.

The label is awarded by a panel of independent experts, based on an assessment of:

  • Positive environmental impact
  • Financial viability and circular economics
  • Effectiveness and feasibility.

The label is a recognition of these qualities in ECT’s model for reusing excavated soil to carry out environmental developments.

ECT works in environmental development

Combining ecology with financial viability, this award affirms ECT’s ability to provide communities and local authorities with effective solutions that form part of a circular economy for excavated soil.

Here is what the label identifies in the ECT model: “This solution responds to a challenge. It re-uses soil from construction sites to create self-financing land-use developments that make a great environmental and societal contribution. The developments are in the fields of renewable energy, creation of nature parks and sports parks in the city, urban farming, and the conservation of flora and fauna. Thanks to the ECT business model, communities and local authorities are able to finance green developments for their region. This turnkey solution for cities has no financial constraints, because the projects are self-financing and ECT takes care of their operational implementation.” 

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