ECT Talk: “Les enjeux du vert en ville” (“Greening the City: The Issues”) available to watch on YouTube

9 March 2021

Greening the City, a powerful vision

To watch the ECT talk: “Les enjeux du vert en ville” (“Greening the City: The Issues”), click here.

According to a survey by NewCorp Conseil, 75% of people in France will be living in urban areas by 2050. And 53% of them define the city of the future as one that puts nature at the heart of the city.

In France, between 20,000 and 30,000 hectares (50K-75K acres) of natural space are lost each year as a result of increasingly intense urban land-use.

Loss of natural soil cover is proceeding at a rate three or four times higher than population growth, and is having a negative impact on the environment. The green city and the sustainable city are becoming key issues of our time.

A talk to better understand urban issues

On Thursday 28 January, ECT organised a talk on the issues around ‘greening the city’. 

Our goal was to achieve a better understanding of the role that green spaces, agriculture, biodiversity and outdoor sport will play in the city of tomorrow.

And to better anticipate their incorporation into town planning, citizen initiatives and the ecological transition.

With the objective that greening the city should be a part of constructing the positive city of tomorrow.

Laurent MOGNO, chairman of ECT, hosted the discussion alongside:

  • Laura Flessel, former minister for sport, double Olympic champion, president and founder of Sport’S
  • Maud Ridoux, director of programmes for citizen mobilisation for sustainable regions with the MakeSense association
  • Jean-Pierre Gueneau, director of green spaces for the town of Créteil and former chairman of Hortis, the association for managers of natural spaces in town
  • Jean-Patrick Scheepers, founder of Peas&Love, chairman of the European federation for urban and vertical agriculture.

ECT, committed to bringing nature back to the city

Working as part of the circular economy, ECT designs projects for developing non-built environment by reusing soil from urban work sites, within a model of eco-design that respects the environment and promotes biodiversity.

ECT brings nature back into the city, and gives a new lease of life to derelict sites by carrying out collaborative, eco-friendly projects: Country parks, areas for nature in town, for sport, for leisure and for urban agriculture.

To watch the ECT talk: “Les enjeux du vert en ville” (“Greening the City: The Issues”), click here.