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A new project opens at Morangis in the Essonne département

20 August 2020

A municipal vegetable garden to bring more nature into town

The site for the new vegetable garden covers 5,390m². This area is for sustainable market gardening, aimed at school canteens in town. Excavated soils are a very good basis for a market garden. Degraded soils can be covered with a layer of inert soil and fertile topsoil, and the new landforms help with water management. The site will also have an educational role. The process of taking over this new environment opens the possibility of education about biodiversity, exchanges and sharing in the garden.

A new archery range to expand the sports programme

A new 10,000m² outdoor site has been set aside for archery for the ‘Compagnie d’Arc’ club of Morangis. Access to the site will be arranged for people with reduced mobility. This sport will be done in complete safety, thanks to the installation of a protective bund. The raised area will be wooded with fruit trees planted on a layer of fertile substrate. This substrate is a product of combining recycled inert soils with green compost.

Design and numbers

The project is taking shape on land belonging to the commune. It has been entirely “eco-designed” in conjunction with the Morangis town council. The objective was to set out upstream, with the local authority, the content of the developments, their uses for the benefit of the region, and the environmental management of the site. ECT planned the access route for bringing soil to the site in such a way as to reduce the impacts of the works, and to help them become part of the fabric of local life.

  • An area of 33,000m² including 10,000 m² of sports space and 5,390 m² of urban market garden
  • Duration of works: 4 months bringing in soil, and 2 months developing the agricultural and sports aspects