‘Humanité & Biodiversité’ raises the biodiversity awareness of ECT’s employees

19 November 2021

Training and raising awareness for ECT’s field teams

Why and how can we support nature in our everyday lives and on ECT’s sites?

Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis, chairman of the NGO ‘Humanité & Biodiversité’, attended for two training sessions. The goal was to raise awareness of biodiversity and to understand more about what biodiversity is. What are the roles of mammals and vertebrates, insects and micro-organisms? What are the relationships in natural environments? It’s about a better understanding of the need to conserve living things.

These mornings of training and discussion are complemented by unique discovery walks on our site at Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin. The site has been partly re-wilded. It has many natural environments: Woodland, forest border, wetland zones, and zones where the vegetation is establishing itself. An opportunity to learn to look at the various layers of plant growth. And to put a name to the trees and other plants.

A motivating and lasting partnership with ‘Humanité & Biodiversité’ 

In 2019, ECT and the NGO ‘Humanité & Biodiversité’ signed a charter of commitment to biodiversity.

The year 2020 marked a new stage in this partnership: The charter was reinforced with methodological points and a very practical approach for the design of ECT sites.

In 2021, these commitments took shape on the ground. After the roll-out of a questionnaire to the people and organisations we work with, to assess their awareness of environmental issues, it was time for morning training sessions.