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20 August 2020

Traceability of soil, efficient unloading, compliance with COVID-19 hygiene rules

On 4 June, ECT launched its fully paperless system for soil delivery tickets. That means ECT is now paperless for the whole process of issuing, delivering and checking tickets. And from this week, 100% of ECT sites will be equipped to scan their QR codes. The site entry ticket is an important link in the chain of traceability for the soil and materials received on our sites.

This project for e-tickets began some months ago as part of the business’s environmental initiative, and the health crisis gave it added impetus. The implementation of ‘no contact’ facilitates collections from the sites of customers in the construction & public works sector. They also help with efficient traffic flow at the sites where we upcycle the soil.

This has a three-part objective for our customers :

  • Shorter times when a driver arrives.
  • Better traceability of materials.
  • Better compliance with social distancing and other protective measures.

The technology is integrated with the customer service provided by ECT

Designed with our tech partner CKdev, this responsible approach is fully integrated into the customer experience so as to optimise pre-booked access to our sites.

There are 4 key steps :

  • Creation by ECT of e-tickets when entry is booked.
  • The e-tickets are sent out by email
  • The e-tickets are completed by the customer, with the driver or haulier.
  • The QR code for each e-ticket is scanned on arrival at the ECT site.

The issue, transfer and approval of e-tickets can be viewed in real time in ECT’s online client area.

See the user-customer guide to ECT’s ‘no contact’ e-tickets