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Laurent Mogno at the microphone: He talks to Radio-Immo about ECT and inert soil

20 August 2020

Questioned by Radio Immo at the AMIF conference, Laurent Mogno, chairman of ECT, explained the great potential for re-using inert soil from excavations. He revealed his strategies for identifying sites to develop, and he outlined the way soil can be upcycled; a method being put into operation across the region.

To listen to the interview with Laurent Mogno, click here

Using inert soil from excavations to rehabilitate and re-green sites is a very powerful financial tool for local authorities.

AMIF is the association of mayors of the Île-de-France region, and ECT has been attending AMIF’s Salon or conference for several years now.

ECT is a member of AMIF’s partners group. ECT’s business is essentially located within Île-de-France, because construction sites within this region are very active in both the building and infrastructure sectors. It’s one of the consequences of a very dynamic economy.