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Re-use of soils

Work in progress


Rehabiltation and agricultural and landscaping developement

Project description

Rehabilitation and development for agriculture and landscaping

Extension of the site, with new horizons for agriculture, the environment and people

This new project will be to revitalise the “Les Carreaux” site and to transform it for the benefit of the whole region.

It will provide a new landscape for a whole mosaic of new uses:

  • Diversification of agricultural uses
  • Creation of spaces open to the public and dedicated to sports and leisure
  • Development of natural environments to promote biodiversity, hedgerows and wooded areas
  • Areas open to the public for sports activities and community gardens.

The goal is to offer the residents of Annet-sur-Marne, on an easily-accessible site, a shared space near the town centre. Walks, sports activities and reconnection with nature centred around sports equipment and shared gardens, all arranged with local associations.

Find out more about this project, download Claye-Souilly (Annet-sur-Marne) brochure 


RD 54


GPS coordinates :
48.9321000, 2.72360083

Mandatory road

Access is permitted only via the RN3 (= route nationale or state highway) and RD404 North