Re-use of soils

Work is in progress


Agricultural development

Description du projet

The project relates to the extension of an agricultural bund in the commune of Annet-sur-Marne.

The goal is to increase the area for agriculture, and at the same time to create a walking area.

The site hosted a creative workshop entitled “Earthworks”, four days when the challenge was to design and create a work of art using 1,000m3 of inert soil and a bulldozer provided by ECT. A new landscape emerged, so the challenge was successfully met by the students of the ENSP, the national landscape gardening school at Versailles, under the direction of ENSP’s Simon Boudvin.


RD 54


Coordonnées GPS :
48.9321000, 2.72360083

Accès et circulation obligatoires

Access is permitted only via the RN3 (= route nationale or state highway) and RD404 North

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