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Project description

To the west of the commune, the site of Grange-le-Roy, alongside the RD471, is currently a brownfield site with degraded soils and a dilapidated château. The project developed by SAFER is focused on this local heritage, in terms of history as much as environment.

A rehabilitation process has been launched by the Île-de-France office of SAFER (Société d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Établissement Rural), a regional public body that manages land. A non-profit company, it provides a public service by participating in balanced and sustainable management of rural land, including restoring farmland and forestry areas. The renovation of the Grange-le-Roy site is part of its activities of agricultural development and environmental protection.

The project has two goals, agricultural and cultural: Planting walnut groves and restoring the castle. Bringing in inert soil to one part of the site makes it possible to refresh the landscaping in a way that is consistent with the environment of the site, and provide a new agricultural function with walnut groves and fuelwood to add value to the historic site.

This will be a future stage of the development. The restored château will house permanent collections of contemporary art and a foundation for digital art. There will be living space for artists in residence in the old farm buildings, and a hotel will be built. Finally, 2.5 acres of sloping bank will be created, to rehabilitate the landscaping and the historic focus of the castle.

Easy access by road is a real asset for the project, as is its location more than a mile from the nearest homes in Grisy-Suisnes and 0.75 miles from the neighbouring village of Coubert, which makes it possible for the development works to proceed quickly and without causing inconvenience to the daily life of local residents.

To find out more about the project, see the leaflet for Grisy-Suisnes here.


La Grange le Roi


GPS coordinates :
48.686389, 2.697708

Mandatory road

Access via the RD 471 (RD = route départementale or county highway)