An archery range rehabilitated by ECT with inert soil

19 November 2021

The archery club the “Compagnie d’Arc de Morangis” opens the gates its archery range.

Since the beginning of the year, the archers have been practicing on this rehabilitated archery range. ECT created this facility by re-using excavated soil from construction sites in the Essonne département. This area covering nearly 10,000 m2 gives a fine 360° view, and allows for safe practice thanks to a safety dike which surrounds it. The flanks of the plateau are wooded, to recreate spaces for biodiversity.

“This sport is addictive”, explains Aurélie Carpentier, an archer and a volunteer at the club. The club is open to young people from 9 upwards. 

This is a fresh illustration of ECT’s ability to promote outdoor sports in the city

Explore the archery range and the Compagnie d’Arc de Morangis in video, here.