UGOLF Sénart: Recontouring achieved using ECT’s inert soil

19 November 2021

Enhancing the game experience for golfers.

Damien Rosello, manager of UGOLF at Sénart, opened the gates of his course to us so that we could photograph and film the four holes that have been recontoured using inert soil. The new landforms, designed by the golf architect Olivier Dongradi, offer fresh challenges to golfers. And now the course finishes with a signature hole for the 18th.

These new features are the product of the technical skill and accuracy of ECT’s teams. Our experienced bulldozer drivers know how to shape the relief of a course with great precision. ECT’s acquired experience in the traceability, the classification and the use of inert soil provides the necessary assurance that golf projects will be well handled. A dedicated team manages the inflow of soil and paces its arrival. It also coordinates the progress of the development work.


Click here to see course photographed beneath a glorious sun by Pierre Charlier,

or, for a more immersive experience, watch the video: