For some years, the development of urban agriculture - farms and market gardens - has resulted from a new general awareness that agriculture in the city has very positive effects on both the environment and society. ECT is keen to offer agri-urban revitalisation for abandoned sites. This kind of project tends to add value to the site, and keeps production and distribution mileages short.

In the context of urban agriculture projects, bringing in excavated inert soil can make a major contribution to funding the project.

It's also an opportunity when designing the site

  • Bringing in soil makes it possible to remodel the site and to optimise the useable area, in particular by creating terraces for crops, slopes for orchards and gentle slopes for pasture.
  • Designing new terrain also makes it possible to optimise water management. Water can be collected and directed into a pond as a reservoir for re-use

See the ECT brochure about urban farm projects


  • Development of a market garden, in progress in Morangis (91)

Examples from ECT's land-use developments

Morangis (91)