BIODEPE, provider of solutions, creator of matter

For more than 25 years, BIODEPE has worked with communities and local authorities, industry, farmers and landscape gardeners to upcycle their organic waste, in full compliance with environmental regulations and traceability.

We have a strong relationship of trust with the farming world. BIODEPE is established as a technical partner of a high order in the conservation of fertile soil.

BIODEPE offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for urban and industrial sewage sludge, plant/vegetable waste, bio-waste and by-products of the agri-food industry. 


A complete 'value chain'

Specialists in the processing and upcycling of organic waste, BIODEPE operates a complete value chain:

  • Design and follow-up
  • Composting sewage sludge
  • Composting green waste and bio-waste
  • Agricultural recycling.

In almost 30 years, BIODEPE's role has been transformed from that of waste manager to creator of matter.

"We make biodegradable waste into a resource for soil improvement and the fertilisation of crops".


BIODEPE works for soils and crops

For BIODEPE, your organic waste is not a problem; it has within it an appropriate solution for everybody we work with.

With our design office, our teams, our equipment and our composting platforms to meet your requirements for local operation, we organise and manage made-to-measure pathways for processing and upcycling, ending in a return to the earth.

  • Agricultural recycling and the production of soil improvers to fertilise the ground and improve its potential yield
  • Elimination of polluted sludge (landfill or incineration)
  • Compliance with environmental standards and safety rules
  • Traceability of materials
  • Processes that are monitored and fully understood
ECT Biodepe bureau d'études traitement des déchets organiques
ECT Biodepe bureau d'études traitement des déchets organiques

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