A France Inter report on ECT’s centre for biological treatment

20 August 2020

This week, the France Inter series “La Terre au Carré” is broadcasting a series of reports by the journalist Juliette Prouteau. This documentary mini-series is about the soil excavated from Grand Paris Express work sites.

The report of 14 January focuses on polluted excavated soil. That’s why the journalist visited our centre for biological treatment of soil polluted by hydrocarbons, located at La Courneuve (93).

In the report, Jérôme Malherbe, the site manager, and Laurent Mogno, chairman of ECT explain how the centre carries out biological treatment of these polluted soils.

It gives an overview of the work of the first French centre of this totally-enclosed type, in various stages :

  • The soil is unloaded into specific bays for particular sites.
  • The centre then sorts and analyses the soils to identify the type of pollution.
  • The process of treatment can then start.
  • The treatment process ceases when analyses show that the hydrocarbons have been substantially cleaned up
Click here to see the report in full