Media focus on ECT’s centre for the biological treatment of soil polluted with hydrocarbons

15 October 2020

ECT’s centre for the biological treatment of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons opened 3 years ago at La Courneuve. The first and only indoor facility of this type in France, the centre can now treat 180,000 tonnes of contaminated soil per year. It often attracts the attention of the media and experts. Here’s an overview of recent visits.

July 2020: Construction Cayola

A complete written report and video report by the journalist Charlotte Divet about how the centre works. 

August 2020 : Convergence: symposium of iXi experts

Experts from iXi came to the ECT treatment centre to better understand the treatment and re-use of contaminated soil. Guillaume Paradis of ECT replies to questions from Pierre Lebrun of CPA-Expert. This report comes from the Convergence symposium organised by the iXi network.

and in January 2020: France Inter

We never get tired of listening to the dynamic radio journalism of Juliette Prouteau, who devoted an episode of La Terre au Carré to the soil of Greater Paris at the ECT soil treatment centre

The series of reports is available in podcast form, here