ECT works in a ‘circular economy’ of upcycling excavated soil from construction sites and public works.

Our work is based on two areas of expertise :

. Our Environment division identifies the treatment pathways for inert soil and polluted soil. It arranges the traceability of materials going to sites for re-use, recycling and treatment, and it classifies spoil.

. Our Development division works with communities and local authorities to find land-use development sites where inert and non-polluted spoil can be re-used. 

Our development projects help promote biodiversity and life. They take various forms: Country parks, replanting woodland, noise-protection bunds, solar energy parks, made-ground for agricultural uses, urban farms, golf courses, and sports and leisure areas and facilities.


SOIL TRACEABILITY AND CHECKS - Environmental issues are at the heart of ECT's thinking. We're able to implement traceability of soil with our customers in the construction & public works sector thanks to the expertise of ECT's environmental engineers and technicians. On our sites, the reception of inert soils is accompanied by strict procedures and rules that are applied by our teams on the ground. This video takes us through the traceability of soil on ECT development sites


OPERATION OF ECT SITES - The soil that comes to our sites is used to carry out collaborative development projects, in strict compliance with the site licence. See in pictures how we make new landscapes and provide new places for leisure, sport and agriculture.


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