Inert soil and green land-use developments: ECT talks to AMIF live

9 July 2021

During the AMIF (Association of Mayors of the Île-de-France region) conference, to journalist Florence Duprat-Galinier, ECT explained that “you can do just about anything with soil!”

This round table presents the great potential of re-using excavated inert soil – a powerful driver for local, social and environmental development.

Indded, our land-use developments enhance a region’s appeal. Essentially, we offer to redevelop derelict land for communities and local authorities so as to carry out environmental and recreational projects on the site.

It’s all founded on the principle of ‘circular economy’. Soil from urban construction sites makes it possible to fund developments that are eco-designed with the local authority.

Find out about six examples of re-use and upcycling of soil in the Île-de-France region, including completed developments and some which are under way. Country park, reclamation for agriculture, solar power station, riding centre, and space for biodiversity.