21 May 2021
22 et 23 juin colloques terres urbaines ECT EIVP

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22 and 23 June: A conference on “les terres urbaines, valeurs positives de la ville de demain” (“Urban Soil: An asset for the city of tomorrow”)

Within the context of the business chair “Valorisation des terres issues des chantiers urbains” (“Upcycling Soil from Urban Construction Sites”), which is run by the EIVP and ECT in partnership with the ENSP and with the participation of Cycle Terre, this new conference is an opportunity for ECT and the EIVP to deepen and share their thoughts on soil at the heart of current debates on the sustainable city. It will examine this resource as:

  • A vector for the rehabilitation of derelict sites, a defining element for new landscape in the regions,
  • a construction material that is respectful towards the environment,
  • an essential element in the urban integration of green spaces of varying kinds and of biodiversity.

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On the conference programme:

– Tuesday 22 June in the morning: Land, Soil and the Sustainable City (1)

– Tuesday 22 June in the afternoon: Making Landscape: A positive view of the role of excavated soil.

– Wednesday 23 June in the morning: Earth as a Material: The Cycle Terre project

– Wednesday 23 June in the afternoon: Land, Soil and the Sustainable City (2)

These 4 focal points demonstrate how urban soil provides a practical representation of a new and positive approach to its inclusion into policy-making for the sustainable city, as with energy, combining economy of resources and re-use of materials in a way that is respectful of the environment.

These four half-days are an opportunity to explore a wide variety of examples and approaches, both theoretical and historical. And to discuss examples, whether international, national or from the Île-de-France. The role of a new urban engineering will also be examined as a factor in better consideration of inert soil in the sustainable city.

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