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Re-use of soils

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Project description

At Chelles in the département of Seine-et-Marne, soil from the Grand Paris Express is being used to redevelop a derelict site.

Currently closed to the public, this land which belongs to SAFER is a mess. The ground is covered in rubbish and various invasive species are present.

Soil will start arriving on the site in February 2020. The site will be made safe and remediated by bringing in excavated soil. This needs to come only a short distance, because it is from the tunnel-boring machine that is creating the tunnel for section 2 of Line 16. An 800-yard conveyer belt will bring the excavated soil to the site from the exit of the tunneler’s shaft.

Giving an area back to the public, safe and landscaped

Working in partnership, ECT as site operator is acting on behalf of SAFER to make the site safe, rehabilitate it and carry out developments. This project to bring back nature has been designed by a landscape architect and design offices, and will make it possible to provide an ecological and landscaped development with natural areas for biodiversity.

A ‘re-naturing’ project which is ambitious but respects biodiversity

The project includes various measures to conserve the ecology, ensure the future of natural habitats and promote the conservation of flora and fauna:

  • Implementation of a management plan, in consultation with local bodies and associations
  • Ecological follow-up for 10 years after the end of development work. This follow-up will make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the measures taken to promote biodiversity.

In 2024, the Parc du Sempin will open to the public. Relaxation, strolls, leisure, sport and nature will all be available to visitors

Walkers will be able to explore some remarkable new features in the Parc du Sempin. They’ll be able to cross the wetland zone and explore its ecosystems, or relax in a flowery meadow with a children’s play area, picnic tables and a fitness trail. Young and old will be able to pick fruit from orchards with traditional fruit varieties. The walking routes will mostly be accessible to people with limited mobility and will lead to two belvederes or viewing points. Some areas will be closed to the public so as to retain quiet zones for the flora and fauna.

The project in numbers :

Length of works: 5 years, site starting in 2019 and opening to the public in 2024.
Ecological plan: Restoration of 25 acres of open space, creation of 1,400m² of wetland and planting 20 acres of woodland and forest fringe.

To find out more about the project, see the Chelles leaflet here.


Chemin du Sempin


GPS coordinates :
48.892966, 2.5905579