ECT works in a ‘circular economy’ of upcycling excavated soil from construction sites and public works.

Our work is based on two areas of expertise :

. Our Environment division identifies the treatment pathways for inert soil and polluted soil. It arranges the traceability of materials going to sites for re-use, recycling and treatment, and it classifies spoil.

. Our Development division works with communities and local authorities to find land-use development sites where inert and non-polluted spoil can be re-used. 

Our development projects help promote biodiversity and life. They take various forms: Country parks, replanting woodland, noise-protection bunds, solar energy parks, made-ground for agricultural uses, urban farms, golf courses, and sports and leisure areas and facilities.



The project carried out by Iverny town council and ECT offers a new communal space, open to all. This 8,700 m² park is built around a tree-lined walkway with more than 800 trees and shrubs and a fitness trail with 8 different equipment, as well as a looped path for walking and running. Discover this project on video.


A good example of a park construction, offering the residents of the Chanteloup eco-district a space for nature, sports and leisure. Explore the Arboretum Park 3 years after its inauguration.