BAP! : The “Earth Moving” (“Terres en Mouvement”) exhibition at the national landscaping school

20 August 2020

Earth Moving: A look at the made-ground landscapes of the Île-de-France region

The exhibition takes place at La Figuerie (a historic amphitheatre) in the Potager du Roi at ENSP Versailles.

It is open from 4 June to 23 June as part of BAP! (the Biennale d’Architecture et de Paysage) at Versailles.

Civil engineering works in the cities are generating a considerable and increasing amount of inert soil. Consisting of both topsoil and subsoil, this is being deposited and re-used, making new landscapes.

In the context of the partnership that the ENSP has established with the ECT Group, the exhibition goes behind the scenes in the construction of landscapes, to take a fresh look at these sites made from the products of earthmoving; constructed landscapes, totally man-made, their movement and arrangement orchestrated by the landscape architect.

The exhibition also looks at the uses and the environmental and landscape qualities that meet and find expression there. Contemporary sites in the Île-de-France region provide a context for analysis. They find their echo in the Potager du Roi which has itself been the subject throughout history of successive earthmoving projects.

This exhibition also provides an opportunity to present the work of the photographer Anne-Marie Filaire, who was given an assignment by ECT.

Curators of the exhibition:
Marie-Laure Garnier, DPLG (the acronym indicates a Versailles-trained landscape architect)
Romain Bocquet, also a DPLG landscape architect, and a gardener

Thanks to:
The ENSP thanks the ECT Group for its support, and also François Roumet, DPLG landscape architect and town planner.

Credits : Marie-Laure Garnier