Noise protection to improve the quality of residential life

Many of the communes in the Île-de-France need to protect themselves from noise because of constantly increasing rail traffic, especially on the high speed lines, and highway traffic. The quality of residential life for their citizens is determined in large part by their ability to get away from and protect themselves from noise.

An anti-noise bund provides an effective solution to these problems. It also reinforces the value of properties and communes near these main road and rail routes, and makes residential development possible.

Landscaping developments of areas for walking, and routes for mountain biking and fitness trails, add a final touch so that residents get the maximum benefit from the developments proposed by ECT.

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Examples from ECT's land-use developments :

Combs-la-Ville (77)

Moussy-le-Neuf (77) - Vémars (95)


  • See above for photos of noise-protection bunds and landscaping developments carried out in the communes of Moussy-le-Neuf (77), Vémars (95) and Moissy-Cramayel (77)