ECT’s centre for biological treatment of soil polluted with hydrocarbons

A centre for the treatment of soil polluted with hydrocarbons - unique in France

The ECT centre for the biological treatment of soil polluted with hydrocarbons is located at La Courneuve (93).

It is unique in France because it is the first French centre to be entirely under cover and enclosed.

This site illustrates the determination of the département of Seine-Saint-Denis to have a pathway for the decontamination, upcycling and recycling of soil from sites of the construction & public works sector.

Its excellent location (at the junction of the A1 and the A86) helps keep journeys short: 53% of the soil comes from the Seine-Saint-Denis département; 42% comes from départements adjoining Seine-Saint-Denis.

How to get to the ECT Centre for treatment of polluted soil


In images: The biological treatment of soil polluted with hydrocarbons

Entrée sécurisée

Secure entry to the site © Gil Fornet

Secure entry for soil
Radiation detector
Visual check of the load
Check of admission documents
Weighing the load

Centre de Traitement Biologique des Terres

Ventilation with filter © Gil Fornet

Preventing health risks
Operating in an entirely enclosed space equipped with activated carbon ventilation makes it possible to prevent biological and chemical risks.

Le déchargement des terres

Discharging the soil © Gil Fornet

Soil from each site is discharged into a dedicated bay.

Le trommel crible les terres

Trommel screen © Gil Fornet

The trommel screen mechanically separates fine material from coarser elements such as small stones, blocks and scrap.

Criblage des terres - granulométrie 1

Sieving soil © Gil Fornet

Particle size 1
Large blocks more than 30 cm in diameter

Criblage des terres - granulométrie 2

Sieving soil© Gil Fornet

Particle size 2
Items sieved out, metals, OIW (ordinary industrial waste), rubble

Criblage des terres - granulométrie 3

Sieving soil© Gil Fornet

Particle size 3
Fine sieved soil

La bande transporteuse amène les terres sur le site de dépollution

Conveyor belt © Gil Fornet

The treatment zone
Fine soil is transported to the zone by conveyor belt.

Analyse des terres pour déterminer le traitement

Analysis of the soil © Gil Fornet

Before being treated, the soil is analysed.

Le retourneur d'andin facilite le traitement par aération ou pas humidification

A windrow inverter © Gil Fornet

The treatment
Piling up in windrows makes it possible to aerate the soil and add nutrients.

Analyse des terres pour vérifier la validité du traitement

New analyses of the soil © Gil Fornet

New analyses
After treatment, the soil is again analysed to determine its final destination.

Sortie sécurisée du site d'ECT

The exit © Gil Fornet

Secure exit at the site
Soil is checked when it leaves