ANNET-SUR-MARNE "Champs Pourris"

At project stage


Solar energy development

Project description

This is a former brownfield site rehabilitated by ECT using excavated soil from nearby construction sites. Dozens of tons of soil were reused to develop the 7 acres of the site for the benefit of the local authority and local residents, as part of a ‘circular economy’ approach. This site, re-wooded in part, may in future be home to a photovoltaic power plant forming a link with the “Les Gabots” site at Annet-sur-Marne.

While awaiting the solar panels, this area located 20 miles from Paris is where the artist Saype is pursuing his series “Human Story”.



77410 Annet-sur-Marne

GPS coordinates :
48.91857292498404, 2.6989743239119512