Re-use of soils

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Project description

At Morangis, in the département of the Essonne, the use of inert soil will fund agriculture and sport in town
The first deliveries of soil started on 15 October. The rehabilitation of this derelict site near Orly airport, arranged in consultation with the commune of Morangis and local associations, will make it possible to create an urban market garden and a new archery facility. These land-use developments are entirely financed by ECT, through the re-use of inert soil excavated from neighbouring construction sites.

A new municipal market garden and a new archery range
The construction sector pays ECT to manage excavated soil, and this makes it possible to achieve projects for the city of tomorrow, providing both city-grown food and recreation.

The heart of the project is a new market garden that will be established on an area of 5,390m². This area for sustainable market gardening is intended to supply the cafeterias of schools in the town. It can also have a teaching role, and it provides a window into biodiversity. Discussing, and sharing information, are built into the project.

A new outdoor facility covering 10,000m² will also be provided for archery practice by the club ‘la Compagnie d’Arc de Morangis’. There will be suitable access to the archery range for people with limited mobility.

“ECT is in a position to finance the restoration of this site at Morangis. The creation of new horticultural and sports sites is directly funded by inert soil from local construction sites”, explains Laurent Mogno, the chairman of ECT. “These inert soils will be used to grade the land surface and make it suitable for future uses of the site, with an area for horticulture and an area for sport. In consultation with local communities and local authorities, ECT is keen to be involved in the evolution of towns by offering land-use development solutions that match the aspirations of the residents.”

The city of tomorrow will have urban farming and sports, and will be shared

The perception of the city is changing, forcing people to re-think what public space is about, so as to improve the quality of life of the residents by creating new recreational and sports areas, and places for exchange and sharing. At the same time, urban consumer trends are changing. People want shorter product miles and responsible production values for their fruit and vegetables.

These new developments, the urban market garden and the archery facility, will give the people of Morangis new services that will be of fundamental importance for their quality of life: Health, social bonding, the environment and education.

“The new urban market garden will make it possible to increase the amount of local produce in the school cafeterias of the town. The archery range will be a boost for the activities of the sports club Compagnie d’Arc de Morangis. These are both important for local people. These projects are part of a ‘circular economy’ for soil from the construction & public works sector; it’s an exemplary re-use of soil at the service of the commune,” concludes Pascal Noury, mayor of Morangis.

The project in numbers:

  • Duration of works: 4 months of bringing in soil and 2 months of re-development for agriculture and sport
  • Site area: 33,000m², including 5,390m² for the market garden and 10,000m² for the archery range
To find out more about the project, see the leaflet for Morangis here.


Voie d’Orly

91420 Morangis

GPS coordinates :
48.710037, 2.338835

Mandatory road

Access to the site is via the RD 118. Driving through the built-up area of Morangis is strictly forbidden.