Our commitments: protecting the environment and biodiversity

Respect for the environment and conservation of biodiversity are at the heart of the values of the ECT Group. That's why we take special care about the impact our sites have on quality of life, landscape and setting.

All our projects reflect the AMM principle ("Avoidance, Minimization, Mitigation") and the Biodiversity, Landscapes and Nature Act (loi no 2016-1087)

Charter of commitment with Humanité & Biodiversité

In December 2019, ECT and the organisation Humanité & Biodiversité signed a charter of commitment to biodiversity. This co-written Charter is the result of a year of very rewarding discussions. It affirms our shared values concerning conservation of the living environment, and the will to participate in the development of knowledge.

The charter is intended as a guide for the business. It is a resource for putting practical techniques in place.

It means a commitment to three things :

  • Turning the potential for biodiversity of ECT sites into reality.
  • Training our people in biodiversity issues.
  • Participating in the development of knowledge on biodiversity.

Explore the Charter and methodology by clicking here

The landscaping quality of our developments

Our objective is to offer projects that are respectful of the region, its history and its future.
The quality of the environment is a major factor in differentiating parts of a town, and our development projects are dedicated to enhancing them.

That's why ECT is developing a partnership with the French national landscaping school, the ENSP or École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage which, by analysing the new landscapes we create, guides our collaboration with landscape architects.

Our expertise gives us a very good understanding of this question, and we are keen that our development projects should help promote conservation of the environment and that they should provide a skilled landscaper's perspective on execution and integration.

Protecting biodiversity

Créer des habitats favorables la Chouette Chevêche

Creating suitable habitats for the Little Owl (Athene noctua)

Working with the LPO to protect the Little Owl (Athene noctua)

As an extension to our charter of commitment with Humanité & Biodiversité, in 2020 ECT entered a partnership with the LPO. (the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, which is the French RSPB or Audubon Society).

The LPO's part in this is to advise ECT on the management of three sites, at Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin (77), Vémars (95) and Louvres (95). These three sites are part of the ecological continuity of the little owl conservation zone. This conservation zone is located between the north of the Seine-et-Marne département and the Val d'Oise. ECT's role is to create suitable habitats for the bird to establish itself, and to reinforce existing corridors.

On the Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin site, these developments are planned to start this year, especially in the orchard zone, where nest-boxes will be put up for the owl