Index of workplace gender equality

Egalité professionnelle Femmes Hommes
Egalité professionnelle Hommes Femmes

The business has a commitment to ensure gender equality between male and female members of staff.

In the context of, and in compliance with, the Loi pour la Liberté de Choisir son Avenir Professionnel ("law for freedom of choice of future career"), ECT has set up an index of gender equality. It is calculated by reference to ECT's Unité Economique et Sociale ("economic and social unit" or ESU).

The index has 100 points. It is calculated on the basis of 4 indicators:

  • Analysis of the pay gap between men and women (40 points)
  • Analysis of the distribution of individual pay awards / merit raises (35 points)
  • Calculation of the number of employees given a rise on their return from maternity leave (15 points)
  • Analysis of parity between the 10 highest remuneration packages (10 points)

For the year 2022, the ECT UES did not have enough calculable indicators to determine an overall index score.
Only the following indicators could be calculated:

Difference in the rate of individual increases: 25 / 35 points
Return from maternity leave indicator: 15 / 15 points
Parity among the 10 highest earners: 5 / 10 points