Operational safety on ECT sites

Handling of soil on an ECT site

1- Quality check on soil and materials entering the ECT site. The site of origin is recorded at site reception

2- Trucks unload in the discharge zone

3- Quality check on inert materials on the unloading platform

4- Inert materials spread out (fill spreading)

5- Final stage in effective re-use of the soil and the site

Diagram of the reception of soil at the site entrance

Diagram of operations at the discharge zone

An imperative: Safe site operations

Since 2011, all our sites have been certified to ISO 14001 by the Intertek Group, and it's within this context of obtaining and maintaining certification that the ECT Group has put appropriate solutions in place. These meet both the environmental issues of site management and the essentials of safe operations and safe reception of trucks.

The reason for these constraints is to let our customers drive and discharge in complete safety. They also make it possible to co-ordinate the work of our operations crews, reception staff, site technicians and operators of plant (bulldozers, loaders and off-road dump trucks).

Panneaux de sécurité sur les sites ECT

Safety notices on ECT sites

Discharge zone on the ECT site at Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin © ECT

Berge de déchargement sur le site ECT de Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin © ECT

Rules for the admission of trucks to our sites : These relate directly to the quality and traceability of materials delivered to the site ;

Traffic rules : Low speeds, drivers must wear hi-vis, no driving on any part of the site with truck body raised ;

Rules for discharging materials : Comply with safe distances to discharge.

To get these requirements known, ECT has installed very large signboards on all sites to remind drivers of these safety requirements and the exact rules for discharging loads.