Our Code of Ethics

At ECT, we firmly believe that to act in a sustainable and lasting way, our business must create a common commitment, shared by all our staff and by all the stakeholders.

The role of our Code of Ethics is to express as clearly as possible both this commitment and its underlying goals, centred on three fundamental values: Respect, Excellence and Leadership. It is for every one of us to take on board the values of the business and put them into practice in our everyday working lives. We expect our relationships with our stakeholders to reflect our shared respect for these values.


At ECT, we put human values at the heart of our work, by ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our workforce. We make sure that everybody has work conditions in which they can flourish, and we take care that none of our staff is the object of any kind of discrimination. Respect for others is part of decency and fairness.

We are constantly and systematically committed to complying with the laws, regulations and duties that apply to our business. We make sure that we comply with the rules, and we reject all forms of unethical behaviour, such as fraud and corruption. This commitment defines our relationships with our stakeholders, both commercially and in the sphere of public life. This respect drives our entire workforce, and it's at the heart of the integrity of what we do and of our ethical commitments.

We take positive action to meet our promises towards our clients and our partners. The close relationship that we maintain with each of them makes it possible for us to honour, every day, the commitments we make as part of our work.

Our vision of our work and of sustainable and responsible development is founded in respect for the environment. We pay particular attention to the impact of our sites on the quality of life of local people and future users. Our work reflects our respect for the regions where we operate; respect for their history and for their future. Our work proceeds with respect for the wider landscape and always with an eye to the creation and improvement of natural environments that favour biodiversity


At ECT, we are passionately devoted to what we do. Excellence is our priority. We strive to deserve the trust and confidence of our stakeholders and partners - clients, local authorities, public authorities, suppliers and community partners.

The expectations and needs of those with whom we work are constantly changing. We encourage excellence by demonstrating our ability to innovate and reshape our business.

Adaptability is at the heart of our relationships with third parties. It's the cornerstone of our development. Each and every one of us is part of our excellence. The quality of our services and client care goes hand in hand with the professional expertise, the rigorous approach and the taste for hard work that are the drivers of this excellence.


The global and systematic approach that we have developed, of upcycling soil excavated from the sites of the construction & public works sector as part of a localised 'circular economy' and carrying out useful and collaborative environmental developments, is unique. It puts us in the position of leader.

This leadership drives us to be exemplary and is reflected in our work to add value the regions in which we operate. We have sought to define our own profession, by a proactive policy of improving urban and near-urban sites where we step in to improve spaces that are derelict, ecologically damaged and in need of rehabilitation.

Our goal is to reinforce our position as a referent, a leader, thanks to the ability of every one of us to keep our services to clients fresh and to develop projects that promote ecological, climate-friendly and society-friendly 'transition' in the regions where we operate. This strong ambition, based on our expertise, ensures that we continue to grow.

We are keen to encourage dialogue about our values, and ECT's management team is always ready to discuss these topics. Everybody is free to express his or her views about our Code of Ethics.

For advice or to notify us of a situation that might constitute a breach of our values, you can also contact Rizlaine Saghraoui on rsaghraoui@groupe-ect.com