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Activities of the ECT Group

The companies of the ECT Group re-use, recycle, develop and upcycle as part of the urban metabolism and circular economy.

  • ECT's business is the development of sites by upcycling inert soil and treating polluted soil and other spoil from construction and tunnelling sites.
  • BIOPEDE's work is the upcycling of organic waste.

The various companies in the ECT Group

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ECT's growth is based on a strategy of 'circular economy': Re-using excavated soil from urban work sites to work with communities and local authorities on projects of sustainable, collaborative development.

To provide a structure for this, ECT has developed various centres of expertise. The division responsible for the management of excavated soil meets the need for environmental engineering and the requirement for traceability on the part of the construction & public works sector and the Grand Paris Express. The division dealing with design and implementation of land-use developments offers, to communities and local authorities, useful projects based on the upcycling of excavated soil. A division dealing with the operation and development of the sites completes the set of ECT's core activities.

ECT holds ISO 14001 for the Development and Operations departments. All the operational sites are certified to ISO 140001.

Since 2016, Laurent Mogno has been the chairman of ECT.

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ECT in figures :

  • 190 staff
  • 15 operational sites in the Île-de-France region
  • 15 million tons of excavated materials handled each year
  • 10,000 trees planted per year
  • 500 children welcomed to our sites each year for educational activities

ECT : D401 – Route du Mesnil-Amelot
77230 Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin
01 60 54 57 40

logo biodepe groupe ECT


BIODEPE supports local authorities and businesses by upcycling their organic waste, in strict compliance with environmental regulation and traceability.
BIODEPE offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for urban and industrial sewage sludge, plant/vegetable waste, bio-waste and by-products of the agri-food industry.
BIODEPE has ISO 14001 and 9001 certification.

BIODEPE provides other services alongside these - upcycling sludge from lagoons and reed beds, and land-clearance operations.

5, rue des Murées - 21121 Ahuy
03 80 37 05 07

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