Re-use of soils

Work in progress


Rehabiltation and agricultural and landscaping developement

Project description

Improving the agricultural productivity of the land and recreating ecological continuity:

The project will restore the original agricultural role of various holdings by creating an area of farmland accompanied by biodiversity areas.

The rehabilitation of the site is being done with appropriate grading and by restoring the agricultural productivity of the soil. Creating fertile soil and producing 37 acres of farmland will make it possible for the farmer to resume operations and will safeguard the agricultural role of the land for the future.

The project includes measures to recreate ecological continuity, ensure the future of natural habitats and promote the maintenance and development of flora and fauna with:

  • Conservation of existing natural environments (wetlands, small lakes, watercourses and neighbouring woods).
  • The reconstitution of a mosaic of environments, restoring ecological corridors and biodiversity in this district.

The project in figures:

Start date: 2020

Length of project: 2 years

Ecological plan: Restoring 37 acres and returning it to agriculture, creating ecological developments of grassland and wetland over 8 acres, then planting 11 acres of wooded slopes.

To find out more about the project, see the leaflet on Roissy-en-Brie here.



Chemin de la Patrouille


GPS coordinates :
48.783784, 2.626967

Mandatory road

Site access:

  • Access to the site is via the D21 and the Chemin de la Patrouille
  • The ECT site is at 900 at the end of the Chemin de la Patrouille
  • Vehicles must not cross the commune of Roissy-en-Brie

Leaving the site:

  • Compulsory right turn at the site exit
  • 180-degree turn at the roundabout