A new landscaped park in Buchelay made with soil excavated from local building sites

29 mars 2023

Buchelay, March 28, 2023 – In mid-March, the first load of inert soil arrived at the ECT site in Buchelay. By upcycling soil excavated from local construction sites, ECT brings a new landscaped park to life. The park will open to the public in early 2024. The project, which is executed on public land, contributes to the circular economy of excavated soil.

A new green space open to all, created with repurposed excavated soil

Following on from the construction of the sports complex of La Plaine des Sports Grigore Obreja located near the A13 motorway, ECT began working on a new landscaped park in Buchelay, not far from Paris.

With its natural features and recreational amenities, the site will allow people to enjoy the outdoors. And give local inhabitants a chance to discover their surroundings.

The new park will be open to all in the spring of 2024. Its 640 meters of paths, accessible to people with reduced mobility, will run between natural spaces. The development involves planting 5,000 trees and creating meadows and lawns. The site will also house recreational amenities, equipped with planted benches and street furniture.

The project is part of the desire of the local authorities to make their area more attractive. And it will allow Buchelay to continue its action to revitalize the entrance to the town – all for a lower cost.

“This park project confirms our desire to complete the development of La Plaine des Sports Grigore-Obreja where, as part of our Terre de Jeux approval, international judo and breakdancing athletes will be trained for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In the spring of the same year, the people of Buchelay will take possession of a brand new park, a real green lung for our town: a natural space between town and country covering 4.6 hectares, which is entirely self-financed. After the park is delivered, a soccer field will also be built there.”

Stephane Tremblay, Mayor of Buchelay

A new green space open to all, created with repurposed excavated soil

While developing a site, ECT takes charge of all project stages, from designing to governmental permission, including management, soil inspection, landscaping work and the installation of equipment.

Since mid-March, soil is being received on the site subject to a stringent control process that ensures traceability.

“This fine project conveys the essential values of ECT: developing a circular economy of excavated soil to design useful amenities that make the local area more vibrant. See you in 18 months at the inauguration!”.

Laurent Mogno, President of ECT

How is soil traceability guaranteed ?

The ECT site in Buchelay only accepts inert (unpolluted) land from urban construction sites. The soil is received by ECT in full compliance with materials traceability obligations. Controls apply at different levels:

  • When the preliminary acceptance request is prepared, at the time when the site is characterized and the appropriate management channels for different types of soil are identified.
  • At the entrance to the site, by the receiving employee who oversees unloading and inspects the load using a camera.
  • By the placing employee when the soil is unloaded, before it is accepted finally.

The Buchelay project in figures

  • Start of work: March 2023
  • Duration of work: 8 months of soil transfer
  • Development and planting: 4th quarter of 2023
  • Total area: 4.6 hectares
  • 8 hectares planted with 5,000 trees and shrubs

A new landscaped park in Buchelay : download